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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 11, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪ >> hey everybody it is thursday in washington and as usual, there's lot going on a lot to talk about tonight. congress inching closer on a daca deal the house renewed a controversial law allowing u.s. intelligence agencies to spy on the e-mails of foreigners and a local senator released his own report on russia. >> as you can see from the run down this is what we're talking about at 6:30. let's go. >> there has not been a deal reached yet. however, we still think we can get there and we're very focused on trying to make sure that happens. >> sara huckabee sanders talking about the daca deal. the associated press is reporting six senators reached
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the four key areas. a group of bipartisan lawmakers agreed on earlier this week when they met at the white house with president trump. that group of senators includes lindsey graham jeff flake and minority whip dick durbin. they hope to gain additional support for measure. lawmakers on a race to strike a deal before the deadline. the president is saying no deal with the democrats unless i get the wall. >> which by the way has taken many different forms because he said the other day he's not looking for necessarily a 2,000-mile wall but he was saying we're going to build a 60-foot wall. it's gone so many different ways. >> not sure. >> there's all this speculation until something is done and this is washington, d.c. a lot is not getting done. he got the tax bill, that was the big thing but not a whole lot gets done because nobody can get on the same page these days. >> there are a lot of folks waiting to find out
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will mean for them if it will mean anything. certainly we'll stay on top of it. >> right. >> one of the other big headlines out of capitol hill tonight the house passed legislation to reveal the foreign intelligence act. >> it allows u.s. intelligence to spy on the text and e-mails of foreigners especially those in communication with americans. there was no some confusion this morning because the president tweeted saying the fisa act may have been used to snoop on his campaign and then he said a little bit later on that we need it. >> there was a lot of back and forth today. as you know the house was going to be voting on this and there was some question as to whether he was for it or against it and even though the white house tried to say hey, we're not confused, there was some confusion clearly. >> yeah. >> the bill right now is on its way to the senate. for more on what this all means for you, for me, fox's caroline shively joins us live tonight from capitol hill. all right, where does this stand right now, caroline? >> reporter: well, the house passed it despite the confusion that you were talking about after these tweets coming from president trump. his chief of staff apparently jumped in a vehicle
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to the house paul ryan got on the phone with the white house then did pass this through the house 256 to 164. now it goes to the senate. the senate should have the procedural vote on tuesday take the bill up on wednesday and as you mentioned this allows u.s. spy agencies to spy on foreigners on foreign soil. the key is sometimes it sweeps up the communications of americans. the senate should be voting on this sometime midweek. if not, it expires next friday jim and shawn. >> we know caroline that basically people on both sides of the aisle supporting this so seemed like the opposition wasn't necessarily a democrat versus a republican thing you had a bipartisan group on both sides supporting and opposing it. >> reporter: yes, it should have been a slam dunk an easy vote. that's why the confusion really sent the leadership over the house into disarray. there are some libertarians who don't like the idea of this surveillance. they think americans should have more protection. there was an amendment produced that tried to get more protections for american
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president trump later tweeting that this was a good act. it involved foreigners. and he was backing it. we do that expect it to pass in the senate next week. >> sure. >> all right, caroline shively with the very latest. we know you're going to stay on top of it. thank you caroline. wikileaks founder julian assange is now a citizen of ecuador. >> the country granted him citizenship. he had been living in the ecuadorian embassy in london for a year now at this point. in fact he was granted asylum by ecuador. sexual assault allegations are still out there. swedish law enforcement dropped that investigation into assange last year. he tweeted out a j photo of himself wearing a ecuadorian jersey. the ecuadorian government is trying to work with the british authorities to figure out where to go from here. >> interesting. >> but he's still for a lot of people sort of a
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folk hero for what he's done with wikileaks. we'll see where that goes from here. >> yeah, very iraning. >> president trump se -- very interesting. >> these are comments he made about immigrants. >> during a meeting today at the white house some lawmakers reportedly were talking about restoring protections for immigrants from those countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal. president trump allegedly replied to them and said "why are we having all of these people from expletive countries come here." he apparently went on to suggest the u.s. should bring people from places like norway. yesterday he met with norway's prime minister at the white house. so far the white house, you know -- i'm going to tell you what. this has made a lot of folks angry right now. if you start looking at this for what it is people are saying this is code language for we don't like people of the african descent, the haitian descent el salvador ran or darker skinned immigrants but we should bring in people from norway.
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have made a lot of people angry very insensitive and i think it's absolutely disgusting that the president of the united states would make that comment. >> and i think on daily basis, maybe not necessarily a daily basis but on a frequent basis a lot of us deal with -- we work with people, we know people, we see them in our daily lives who have not come here -- who have come here from other countries. >> and if you go back to what this country was that founded on -- >> yeah. >> it was founded by immigrants from other countries to come together. so, you know, we can't start -- >> picking and choosing, cherrypicking. >> fell free to tweet me if you want to. i'll have a nice response for you. word of a possible daca deal comes amid a series of immigration raids. >> the raids targeted several 7-elevens. >> reporter: it's the biggest crackdown on hiring of illegal workers since president trump took office. immigration agents raiding dozens of 7-eleven stores from new york to los angeles
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and agents say they're just getting started. >> no one should be surprised. the 7-eleven is a big operation. it's one of many to come. we'll be concentrating on small companies. >> reporter: it's not clear why 7-eleven was specifically targeted but they say it's a warning to other companies who may have undocumented workers on their payrolls. here in los angeles five stores were raided with some locals expressing surprise and anger. >> i think it's very sad and i think i am very appalled about it and also that they're doing all this separation of families. i think that it's just wrong. >> reporter: the raids are part of president trump's ongoing crackdown on illegal immigration but on capitol hill, the future of that policy is far from certain with democrats pushing hard to reinstate the daca program which protects young immigrants who were brought here illegally to the u.s. as children. president trump says any deal on daca must include funding for a border wall a
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for most congressional democrats. >> build up those countries so less folks will have to come in because we're securing those countries and unfortunately, the present administration with all due respect doesn't look at that. >> reporter: ice agents say the raids are being considered audits meaning they're targeting employers and managers in an effort to protect u.s. jobs giving them three days to verify the immigration status of their employees. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. >> let's talk about the latest on the russia investigation. a brands new report out commissioned by maryland senator ben cardin traces a web of russian interference in government and private institutions around the world. >> the senator told fox5 that vladimir putin used a wide array of tactics to undermine governments and groups. >> mr. putin has an arsenal of weapons. these weapons including the use of corruption, cyber attacks, the use of his own military, the use of energy as a weapon, misinformation, propaganda in order to try to
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compromise democratic institutions and we outline his efforts in 19 european countries in addition to the united states. this is not a partisan report. this is a represent -- this represents the work of many members of congress including republicans. clearly when you have a country that interferes in your own institutions, sometimes we call that war. we call that an attack and what is done by traditional militaries is very well understood but when we have cyber attack or attempts to influence domestic politics, that's just dangerous and we got to take steps to protect ourselves. >> the new report makes dozens of recommendations for reigning in russia including a closer partnership with european allies to defend against cyber attacks tracking and freezing dirty money laundered by the kremlin. >> i think it's interesting that he sort of did this report on his own. we've seen the democrats do a report. the republicans did not stand with this report. there's so many different reports going on right now. >> we had a guest on the final five last week who said
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russia has never stopped with the cyber attacks. it never ended in the first place. they just keep on going. >> this week president trump said it was unlikely he will have a sitdown interview with special counsel robert mueller when it comes to the russia probe. >> we're hearing of someone else who likely won't interview with mueller vice president pence. the vice president was involved in the controversy last year with former national security adviser michael flynn. it was revealed flynn misled pence regarding his conversations with russia's ambassador and flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi. >> steve bannon a lawyering up. he reportedly hired a d.c. based lawyer to help prepare him to testify before the house intelligence committee. last month the committee asked bannon and former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski to testify. their tell testimony is expected time this month. we're told bannon's lawyer will only help with
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congressional testimony and not the russia probe. another twitter brewing tonight. i don't know if you know about this one. this time it's between president trump's counselor kellyanne conway and cnn's chris como. >> a cnn interview conway claimed nobody in the trump administration talks about hillary clinton but before the interview president trump tweeted about crooked hillary clinton e-mails. conway blamed him and other journalists for mentioning clinton because they can't let go of the election. >> but here's -- once again,. >> alternate facts. >> in the morning, you know, the president had sent some tweets about hillary clinton. >> yes, he did. >> and i believe it was -- he and sent about 93 tweets since the beginning of his term about hillary clinton to say nobody talks about it but then again kellyanne conway brought us alternate facts but you know what i saw the interview between her and cuomo. cuomo is a little -- i think he was on the attack from the get go
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you know, there's a little truth on both sides. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> but anyway twitter wars there you go. the president also mentioned hillary clinton yesterday by the way, news conference with the norwegian prime minister as well. >> wal-mart says it's going to pay employees more money but was it a convenient convenient announcement to mask another less positive change. we'll talk about that coming up. >> later when it comes to joe biden oprah winfrey and president trump, even elizabeth warren, who would get the democratic nomination? we'll tell you what the latest poll numbers show. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. wal-mart kicked off the day announcing new benefits for more than 1 million hourly employees. another announcement for sams club seemed to steal the thunder. >> ronica cleary joins us with what this means. >> reporter: jim and shawn this morning wal-mart announced it will pay it fo
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presenting it. passing along the benefit of that corporate tax relief that is found in the new tax plan and then sharing it at least some of it, with their employees. so, let's take a look at some of the details. now, eligible full time and part time hourly associates, they will be given bonuses based on the length of time that they've been with the company. the maximum amount up to a thousand dollars will go to those who have been with the company for at least 20 years. in february, the new starting hourly wage will be $11 an hour. and for parents a lot of new perks. they will receive the full time hourly associates will receive 10 weeks paid maternity leave six weeks paid parental leave and if you adopt you'll get a $5,000 to help with the many costs associated with adoption. hours after this positive news broke for wal-mart we learned that sams club will be closing reportedly 63 of its sams clubs locations across the country. now, those closings they will of
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i spoke with mark avalone a certified financial planner in our area about what he thinks. >> sams club is still going to have about 600 stores nationwide. it's still a formidable part of what wal-mart does on a retail footprint. so, i wouldn't -- i wouldn't look too deeply into this. in fact as a shareholder this could represent significant cost cutting and indicates that it's not standing still. retail is changing dramatically and store traffic across-the-board is dropping. this could be a move well thought about the i one of the nation's best realtors to remain competitive with amazon. >> reporter:. >> in the d.c. area we saw wal-mart come in, they have stores up in northeast, they have a couple others around the area and there were a lot of stipulations put on it but when we talk about people here in d.c., wal-mart shoppers everyday consumers what are they saying about this? >> you know, it was interesting, the news kind of sent shock waves through the news room when we saw the sams club announcement because we
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and cover this story quite differently looking at the bigger picture of how the tax -- how the tax bill excuse me has affected businesses across the country. then we hear this sams club news. we immediately said we've got to get the pulse of the people. we have to hear what people are saying. i'll tell you what, every person we talked to, i mean just a handful, but they hadn't even heard about the news. they didn't even know about the wal-mart news. they certainly didn't know about the sams clubs news. so, we were the ones telling them for the first time. take a listen to how people responded. >> i doubt it was a coincidence. i think they're probably trying to balance out, you know, not making it seem like it was such a bad thing to close the sams clubs. >> sometimes i know businesses have to make tough decisions but at the end of the day that doesn't help anybody who worked at those locations, so maybe the timing could have been better but who knows. hard decision to make. >> it's really unfortunate if there is a causal relationship between the two but i am glad at least that they're
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and giving more leave to their female workers at wal-mart. >> probably a pr move to balance out the good with the bad. >> reporter: in a tweet we want to mention sams club said of the store closings, in part, closing clubs is never easy. we're committed to working with impacted members and associates through this transition. back to you jim and shawn. >> thank you ronica. good news for metro riders. we're going to tell you how the agency is trying to convince customers to give them another chance. >> and later, barack busts a move. you'll hear this thoughts on his so-called dad moves when we come back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ come in now for the new year savings event at havertys furniture. save up to one thousand dollars in bonus discounts. plus, you can get 24 month financing with no interest. start the new year by adding stylish pieces throughout your home.
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>> ♪ >> so we've all been to restaurants places where the service isn't great, you don't like the service you don't like the food so you don't going. >> right. >> sometimes you don't have the option. metro tries to convince people
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>> they want to get back the riders on the system one of the several issues they discussed at a board meeting today. fox5's matt ackland fills the rest in for us. >> reporter: how would you like a refund if your trip doesn't go so well? well, that's being considered. the general manager of metro basically wants people to start riding again. so, he's offering what is kind of appearing to be a money back guarantee. if the train or bus is late more than 15 minutes, well then you'll get a refund. also discussed today, the aggression towards metro operators. there were some recommendations on how to stop that and also there's a new plan to stop sexual harassment on metro. >> securing the homeland. >> reporter: metro management knows it will take more than just this fancy video to get riders back on board. millions have been sent to make safety and reliability improvements but now how do you convince riders to come back? well, the general
6:52 pm
manager says let's offer riders a money back guarantee on their registered smart trip cards if metro is 15 minutes late. he calls it the rush hour promise. >> at some point we have to say, yes, you know, we -- you know, we can deliver what we -- what we promise and we're willing to back it up. >> i'm out every night speaking and half the questions i get are about metro and every question of those questions i get is about reliability. i want to get from point a to point b on time and i want to be assured that when i get on that train i'm going to get there and so that's what our goal is. >> reporter: remember this video, a bus operator attacked with a cup of urine. the public outcry led to a study and today we learned about new recommendations. additional training for operators in conflict avoidance. new and better bus shields. spit kits to track the dna of those who spit on drivers. and even suspend people from the system who assault
6:53 pm
>> if you experience harassment or witness it, we encourage you to report it to metro transit police. >> reporter: and you could be hearing this on buses and rail stations soon. metro is ramping up its crackdown on sexual harassment. now adding audio reminders to help riders report harassment. back to that refund program. there is a catch. if you have one of your smart trip cards, what you're going to have to do is register this online. basically the number on the back, you have to put that number into the computer, regregister it with your name so they can actually track your trips and then say something goes wrong if this proposal is approved then they can see that you traveled that trip and they can offer you a refund in the future. in northwest, matt ackland fox5 local news. >> do you know the art of the dad moves dance. >> dad moves dance. >> dad moves. >> no, i don't. >> former president obama does. we will hear his tips on mastering it all coming up next. >> ♪ t. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> well, this week there was all this talk about oprah possibly running for president in 2020. big question is could she win if she does. >> well, there's a new poll that puts the media mogul up against former president joe biden. right now the former vp has a small lead over oprah. oprah came in third in the polls. senator bernie sanders came in second. joe biden had the highest favorability at 76 percent. oprah had 67 percent. she, you know, not doing too bad there. >> we should point out oprah has not talked about running. joe biden at this point has not said if he's running and bernie sanders says he's in already. >> he seems like he's in. >> it will be interesting i think to see who the democrats put up to run against president trump. >> right. >> it will also be interesting to see if the republicans put up
6:57 pm
president trump. >> yeah. >> former president barack obama is set to appear on david letterman's brand new netflix show my next guest needs no introduction. >> we have a sneak peek including the former president's thoughts on his so-called dad moves. >> i have dad moves. >> yeah. >> and i think the key is -- is what we call staying in the pocket. >> sure. [laughter] >> right. >> staying in the pocket. >> you got to stay in the pocket . >> [laughter] >> because i think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket. [laughter] and they're trying stuff that they can't really pull off. >> yeah, yeah. [laughter] and you know, they start doing like karate kicks and all kinds of stuff. >> really, karate kicks. >> is that one of the things you do? [laughter] >> i don't think dave dances at all. >> that is true. it is good for you dads stay in the pocket 'cause you don't want to embarrass your kids. >> i didn't know what he meant by that. >> the dad move. say yore
6:58 pm
party for your daughter. you don't want to c come out and start doing -- >> right, right. >> that's not cool. stay in the pocket. bye jim. thanks for joining us.
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me too movement, don't count floyd mayweather in. >> when you say me too, my thing is this, when somebody be like i got a rolls-royce, i be like me too. >> oh, my god. >> major spoilers for "avengers 4." chris evans plays captain america. a lot of people have been saying captain america is going to die -- harvey: no! >> these pictures we have from the set of "avengers 4" prove that captain america died in "avengers: infinity war." harvey: chris evans. >> you got to pick someone. >> not him. [laughter] >> conor mcgregor had a shirtless face-off with richard branson. richard, he actually looks pretty good for being 67. harvey: let's assume they're both single for five seconds


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